Sunday, January 3, 2010

Product recommendation: Trisha Sepulvado


Before purchasing my Mother Vest, I used a traditional, cotton bird-bag. Two problems, though. First, as a woman pheasant hunter, the vests were always too big. Even the smalls were sagging off the shoulders and bulging around the waist. Second, we all know that to get to the pheasants, you have to exert a lot of energy, and California's climate is too warm for a regular hunting vest. My first time out in the Mother Light Vest, I immediately noticed the lightweight comfort and manueverablility I'd been missing. Size small fit my 5'10'' frame perfectly. Some of the features I enjoy most are the magnetic side pockets which made reloading a breeze. Also, the waist strap took the weight of the birds and equipment off my lower back which made for an enjoyable hunt. Finally, the many pockets and chest-strap, with handy dog whistle, are great features. There is a place which holds a hydration pack (sold separately), but I went without. This is very convenient, though, if you need to hydrate yourself and dog! List price is $79, and I purchased mine at Sportsman's Warehouse.

Happy hunting!

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