Monday, December 7, 2009

Birds Limited

Since the girls and I didnt get drawn for the womens hunt on Grizzly Island...we were determined to find a place to hunt, even if it meant paying for it. We contacted a few places and finally landed a great deal at Birds Limited. Its located north of Roseville out near Baseline road. We got a better deal if we had more people, so we asked the hubbies to go...and they said yes. It would be the first time Dan and I would hunt together.

We arrived at the club at 7:30. They have a great little "Clubhouse". We would soon learn...its sort of a "Good Ol' Boys Club".  Berny and his wife Cathy checked us in and got us ready to go. We would be out with Dave and his dog Jonny, and Mike and his dog Sug.

I've never hunted with Brittany's before. What  great dogs. They keep going and going and going. Good noses too! We soon found out what great shots our husbands were. Stefanies husband Erik is like 8 ft tall, and could practically reach out and grab the things out of the sky. I always used to make fun of my husbands old green shotgun. Not anymore....he shot the hell out of that thing, and didnt even use a whole box of shells. I wont tell you how many I used. Between all of us, we brought in 7 birds for the morning hunt.

Around noon, Berny called us in for lunch. He has this Gigantic BBQ that he uses for catering weddings, as well as bbq' ing for the club. Lunch was pork tenderloin sandwiches. YUM!! While we ate, Dave cleaned our birds for us.....Very nice!

The afternoon hunt was a blast! The dogs seemed to go on point everywhere. We were hunting into the sun at one point. I was getting a tiny bit frustrated, because I still wonder sometimes how great of a shot I am. At one point, our backs were to the sun, and a bird flushed and flew behind me. I turned, looked almost at the sun, and blew that thing out of the sky!! Whew....I did it. I ended up shooting three birds myself that day. I think Dan helped me on one of them.
Stefanie and Trish were knocking em dead...too! But I have to say, the guys were the stars that day.
We brought in 10 more birds for the afternoon, which Dave cleaned for us. We tipped our guides, and thanked them for an awesome day, and headed home. Sunday night I made Pheasant noodle soup. Delish, and even my kids ate it.

Birds limited does day hunts....which is what we paid for as non-members. They are open 6 days a week for their members. Berny did his best to try and get us to become members. I wouldnt mind.....we had a blast, and everyone was super friendly. Becoming a member at a club is very expensive, and I will probably check out a few more before I decide on my favorite.

Happy Hunting!!