Monday, February 1, 2010

Rants N Raves

Okay, so I had a tiny meltdown this morning while driving to work with my husband. We carpool to save gas, plus its nice for us to have time for Adult Discussion.
My husband has a good high school friend who does some guiding, and taxidermy. He mentioned taking me out for a boar hunt, which would be my first EVER. The thought of it makes me want to jump up and down!!!
Hubby has assured me that he will set something up. But here is my complaint. My children are young and I love them to pieces. However, its healthy for Mama to get out on her own once it a while to pursue a dream I have had for a few years now. I would Love to be able to go with my husband. I want to be able to have him there to support me, and be proud of me. He was there on my first pheasant hunt, and it was awesome.

Our problem is that we dont have any family here to take care of the wee ones while we are shootin it up. Mine is all up in Alaska, and Texas, and Nevada. Hubby's sister is in Idaho. My in laws live right around the corner, but they are their late 60's and dont have the energy to run around after a three and six year old all the time. They do watch them from time to time, but I feel uncomfortable asking because I know it takes alot out of them.

When Hubby goes to hunt...he doesnt need me there for support, and sometimes I wonder If a girl is allowed in a mans hunting camp. The talk around the fire can be funny....but you know how guys can get. question to all the ladies out there in my situation....what do you do? I can hunt by myself. But I am sooo very new at this, and would love to have my husband by my side on my first few hunts. Do I take the kids? What if they ask to go potty? Or what if they get tired, or hungry...or bored, and whiney.  Is it even safe to take small kids boar hunting? I heard they were pretty nasty when pissed off. Besides that, I wouldnt be able to concentrate.

Hubby says he will take me up to go hunting, and watch the kids while I go out. So, I get to hunt, but not the way I want. That is better than nothing, and I should stop whining. I am getting to do what I want, Right?

Just Curious if anyone else has had this situation, and what did you do about it, and how did it make you feel?

Honestly...I feel better now. Thanks for Listenting.


  1. Just send them to my house. There's too much to do on a boar hunt, and Dan needs to be there. Just let me know when-
    Mama T

  2. I'm not close enough to help, but I do have an idea for you. Do you have any friends or neighbors who would be willing to trade a week end of babysitting? She keeps your kids for a week end, and you go hunting. Then, a few weeks later, you keep her kids so she can do something away from the kids. It wouldn't have to be hunting. How about your husbands, friends wives? Or maybe you kids, friends mothers? Every woman must take a break. I think, at least once a month. Rejuvenation is so important and healthy. Do it for YOUR health! Good Luck!

  3. Thanks ladies! I've actually thought about the "Kidsharing" idea. Some day the kids will be old enough to tag along...or leave by themselves. I cant wait for the day that I can go with them on their first hunt!!

  4. Leave the hubbie at home with the kiddos and get out and make it happen for yourself. You'll have a great time and won't miss him, especially if you bag one. If I had waited for my ex to get out and hunt with me, my dog and I would have never shot a chukar or quail, or turkey, or pheasant. The odd thing was, that I actually bought the dog to hunt with him and then he couldn't break away from big game hunting. Anyways, I hunt by myself all the time and you'll find that it's actually peaceful and give you time for yourself. Much like a spa vacations : )