Monday, November 23, 2009

BBQ'd Turkey for My Thanksgiving Dinner

Clean bird by washing and removing any leftover feathers, neck and inner parts bag. Remove tail.

Dry bird off with paper towels. Wipe down outer skin with butter or peanut oil and rub with salt. Pepper to taste. Tie down wings and drumsticks with string.

Add 30 cubes of charcoal to each of two sides of a Weber Bar-B-Q.
Light cubes and wait for them to get gray and hot. About 30 minutes.
Put bird on grill and put lid on Weber with both top and bottom vents wide open. Cook for one hour.

After one hour add ten cubes of charcoal to each side and replace cover.

Place 3-4 cups of hickory chips to a bowl and cover with water.

At end of 2ND hour of cooking add ten more cubes of charcoal to each side, drain water from wood chips and add half of the wet wood chips to each pile of charcoal and replace cover.
At end of 3rd hour check progress with thermometer. Should be about 170 degrees at center of thick part of breast.
When ready remove from Bar-B-Q and let stand for 15 minutes.

Slice & enjoy.

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